Mate award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil



Transparenza Marina

Transparenza Marina is one of the best Croatian (and world's best) organic extra virgin olive oils. It is a fresh medium fruity organic olive that goes perfectly well with fresh vegetables, seafood and white meats.

Its bottle design, inspired by the colour of the sea that you can admire from the olive mill, was awarded this year by Flos Olei as the best extra virgin olive oil packaging/design in the world.

Tasting notes: fresh almond and hazelnut, and touches of green banana, with a finish that evokes fresh sweet dried fruit and white pepper.

Size: 500 ml

Harvest: October/November 2020

Polyphenols: 412.58 mg/kg

Olive varieties: Leccino, Pendolino

Producer: Mate

Country of Origin: Croatia

Region: Istria

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