Award-winning extra virgin olive oil Oleum Viride

Oleum Viride Belic

Enjoy our best selling olive oil - Signature blend Selekcija Belic from a Croatian family in beautiful Istria!


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According to Flos Olei, the family Belic from Croatia is one of the best olive oil producers in the world for the fourth year in a row! The family carefully selects olives, handpicks them at the medium stage of ripening, and cold-pressed olives within 12 hours to create the supreme quality extra virgin olive oil.

But Oleum Viride story started when Mr Belic bought an olive grove as an anniversary present for his beloved wife back in 2002.

Country of Origin: Croatia

Region: Istria

Intensity from the mildest to strongest flavoured olive oil:

  • Vodnjanska Crnica
  • Signature Blend "Selekcija Belic"
  • Buza
  • Ascolana Tenera
  • Rosulja

Food pairings:

Vodnjanska Crnica: grilled seafood, salads, minestrone, cheesecake

Signature Blend: Amazing when drizzled on grilled fish and vegetables, risottos, veal and lamb roasts, salads and vanilla-based desserts such as mousse or ice cream.

Buza: the best choice for any seafood dish and grilled vegetables

Ascolana Tenera: fish soups, bean soups, boiled red meats, boiled fish, vegetable pasta, curd or fresh cheese

Rosulja: turkey, chicken, red meat, mature cheeses, various pasta, especially ones made with anchovies

Oleum Viride Belic