Organic creamed honey

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If looking for something sweet, but healthy and organic - look no further!

Organic, versatile creamed honey cream, a product that is pure pleasure and a treat for body and soul. Try it as a topping for the pancakes or waffles, as a sweetener for the milk or tea, smoothie, yoghurt and muesli or eat it straight from the jar.

Raw acacia honey, never pasteurized, never exceeded 40 Celsius, creamed with fruits and spices.

Net weight: 230 g

Producer: Green & More

Country of Origin: Croatia

BBD: 07.04.2022.

Green and More Honey

Creamed honey with lemon & ginger ingredients: acacia honey* 95%, lemon juice* 4%, ginger* 1%

Creamed honey with strawberry ingredients: acacia honey* 94%, strawberry* 6%.

Creamed honey with wheatgrass ingredients: acacia honey* 97%, wheatgrass* 3%.

*Organic certified product

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Shelf life: 12 months