Award-winning organic extra virgin olive oil Coratina BIO


Intini Coratina BIO, also known as "Queen of Puglia", is a strong intensity olive oil perfect for people looking for olive oil with sincere character.


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In Puglia, perfect temperature and rich soil allow Intini to produce excellent olive oil with exceptional antioxidant levels.

"One of the most important family-run businesses to visit in Puglia, " stated by The New York Times. But also one of the best extra-virgin olive oil producers globally. Intini is this year's Farm of the Year, according to Flos Olei 2022.

Intini combines the experience of four generations of olive oil millers with the most modern techniques and innovative spirit of young Pietro Intini. The family has a rigorous selection of olives and an avid desire for quality: the result is one of the best extra-virgin olive oil in the world, according to Flos Olei.

Intini olive oil producer

Food pairing: Use it to enhance the flavour of medium to robust dishes such as pasta with vegetable-based sauces, white meats, tuna and swordfish carpaccio, grilled fish and vegetables.

Tasting notes: vegetable sensations in which you recognize hints of grass, leaf, artichoke and green almond husk

Country of Origin: Italy

Region: Puglia