Organic extra virgin olive oil Nobleza del Sur


Nobleza del Sur

Nobleza del Sur Day

According to the Flos Olei (99/100), the world's best organic olive oil - Nobleza del Sur Day is fruity olive oil with a balanced green profile - made from 100% Picual olives, fresh, slightly bitter and spicy. 

This olive oil is an excellent pairing with poultry, rabbit meats, seafood, pizza, pasta, tomato-based sauces, and a finishing touch when paired with chocolate ice cream.

Nobleza del Sur's beautiful label with the bee hopes to bring attention to climate change issues and the overuse of pesticides in agriculture, threatening the world's bee population.

Tasting notes: fruit hints of medium ripe tomato, white apple, banana, basil, mint and parsley.

Size: 500 ml

Harvest: October 2020

Olive variety: Picual

Polyphenols: 827 mg/kg

Producer: Nobleza del Sur

Country of Origin: Spain

Region: Jaén, Andalucía

Nobleza del Sur