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Welcome to the sophisticated drinking culture - enjoy Limestone mixers developed for conscious drink connoisseurs and high-end bartenders. These mixers are even organic! Enjoy them with or without alcohol - on ice, in a cocktail or with bubbles!

✔ organic
✔ alcohol-free
✔ vegan
✔ gluten-free


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We present to you #drinklimestone 100% organic mixers from South Tyrol. You can enjoy a fantastic Limestone range, from a more classical dry tonic to a spicy and fresh ginger beer to exciting fruity tones of apple, pink grapefruit, and passion fruit.

You will immediately recognize that Limestone uses exciting organic raw materials with natural botanical mixtures, free of conventional chemical extracts, additives, artificial flavouring, dyes and preservatives, with low sugar content. Instead, Limestone focuses on using high-quality ingredients from their homeland South Tyrol.


Size: 200 ml

Carton: 20 x 200 ml

Producer: Limestone 

Country of Origin: Italy


About Limestone

Limestone tells the story of three friends, Jakob, Norberts and Daniel, that wanted to create something different, unique, natural and sustainable. They thought something was missing in the market dominated by mass-market products disguised as "premium".

Limestone name reflects their Alpine origin, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dolomites, their home and their magnificent rock formations, composed mainly of Limestone.

Limestone products are developed and bottled in their laboratories by their R&D specialists and in collaboration with Europe's leading bartenders to understand better what is lacking to improve the drinking experience.

Limestone drinks


South Tyrol's version of classic tonic water - just as dry tonic water should be, but only better - this tonic is clean and crisp with moderately tart, slightly bitter, delicately sweet and refreshingly lemony.  A perfect partner to pretty much any gin! A dry tonic with the perfect balance of bitterness, citrus and CO2. You will enjoy this tonic best when prepared traditionally with a high-quality gin or straight as an alcohol-free aperitif!


This aromatic tonic will impress you with its freshness, subtle bitterness, full-bodied taste and fine notes of alpine-Mediterranean herbs. Enjoy it on your own or mixed with sparkling wine! Pick the gin of your choice and Limestone herbal tonic with an ideal balance between rosemary, thyme, and the right bitterness. 


The goal was simple: to create the purest and the bests ginger beer out there! It was by far the most challenging development by the Limestone team, but so worth it! The smell of ginger promises a taste explosion on your palate. Thanks to its finesse, many exciting drinks can be created using Limestone ginger beer from Moscow Mule to the Classic Mule. 


The best mixer for summer vibes has sweet fruit aroma, gently sparkling, slightly sour, and pleasantly bitter notes. Enjoy it alone or with honest gin or clear vodka. Amazing also when creating an alcohol-free mix!


This one is for the real grapefruit lovers out there - made with 100% organic pink grapefruit juice with no added colours, no artificial flavours and with bitterness that is right on point. Pink grapefruit ensures a natural aroma and maximum delicious flavour on the palate - fresh, lightly sour yet sweet, almost spicy and moderately bitter. Worth a try! Best enjoyed with an honest, fine London Dry Gin or simply on ice.


We happily present you the most natural and refreshing bitter lemon on the market- made with organic Sicilian lemons. Bitter lemon but better, also more lemony. With uniquely fresh and, at the same time, refreshing notes, it is the best when enjoyed either on the rocks or with high-quality vodka.


Limestone Bitter Apple opens up the door to an infinity of new cocktail creations, but it is also great to enjoy pure, on the rocks and with a slice of lemon. The Limestone team’s inspiration for this drink is from the local most popular fruit - apples! Perfectly balanced, thanks to the freshness of the green apples and the sweetness of the red apples. This mixer is fizzy, fruity and slightly tart. Enjoy it pure or with vodka, gin or rum! Our favourite is when paired with rum.