Organic Rigatoni



Rigatoni is the favourite pasta shape in the south of Italy. Rigatoni goes well with any sauce that is sufficiently liquid to get inside the pasta. However, rigatoni pairs best with slow-cooked sauces made from meat, sausages and mushrooms.

Cooking time: 11 min

Net weight: 500 g

Producer: Felicetti

Country of Origin: Italy

KAMUT® khorasan

The KAMUT® khorasan wheat is the ancestor of modern durum wheat. When cooked, it releases the delicate fragrance of white flowers and pinenuts. More importantly, much recent research confirmed that when compared to modern wheat, Kamut Khorasan has a significantly higher antioxidant content (polyphenols and selenium) and higher minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc).


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Monograno Felicetti

The origins of an extraordinary pasta

Monograno Felicetti is the pinnacle of Felicetti's pasta-making craft, perfecting pasta since 1908 beneath the peaks of the Latemar, in the heart of Dolomites. Felicetti marries artisanal techniques (bronze die-cut) with state-of-the-art clean technology. Their concept is a perfect balance of water, air, and semolina with a single goal: to pursue quality, which means Felicetti produces delicious, healthy organic pasta.


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