Whole shelled and roasted cocoa beans


Roasted cocoa beans are perfect for a sensory experience in purity - it takes you back to chocolate's origin! They also have a high nutritional value.


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Cocoa beans went through fermentation, drying and finally roasting so they could achieve optimal sensory profile.


Tips: Whole roasted and shelled cocoa beans you should eat slowly, one by one. Taste this great aromatic antioxidant during snack time or pair it with distilled spirits.

Net weight: 100 g

Storage notes: the product must be stored in a cool, dry, odour-free place at a temperature between 14° and 20°C.

Ingredients: 100% whole shelled and roasted cocoa beans

Suggested pairings:

  • Cocoa beans are ideal in combination with spirits, energising snacks, or garnish for sweet and savoury recipes.
  • Roasted cocoa beans are excellent to crumble over a fruit and oat milk smoothie for a fresh, healthy and tasty break!
  • Or grill some aubergines, add a few slices of buffalo mozzarella and crumble the Domori beans on top of everything. This combination will amaze you!

Producer: Domori

Country of Origin: Italy