Single Origins Napolitains chocolate



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Delicious Domori Napolitains will help you to make even the most simple after-dinner elegant.

Apurimac - Peru

Apurimac is delicate dark chocolate with a fresh taste, making it a sought-after protagonist in Haute pastry productions and cocktails. Taste of social redemption, with Trinitario cocoa coming from local producers in Peru native to the Apurimac River, in the southern part of the country.

Tasting notes: flowers, caramel and cream

Pairing with spirits:

  • perfect with Single Malt Whisky, Calvados, Oloroso Cream Sherry

Teyuna - Colombia

Teyuna chocolate is made from Trinitario type cocoa, which bears in its name the charm and mystery of ancient Teyuna. Teyuna is the "lost city" of the Indians, brought to light by archaeologists in 1976 in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria, in Colombia. Teyuna is dark chocolate with a rare sweetness and finesse, with notes of cashew and honey aftertaste, pure goodness from the region of Terralta.

Tasting notes: sweet cocoa, caramel, cashews and ripe fruits

Pairing with spirits: 

  • perfect with rum>10-year-old, Cognac X.O., Vintage Port, Oloroso Cream Sherry

Net weight: 100 g, 250 g

Producer: Domori

Country of Origin: Italy