Solid shampoo


Did you know that one solid shampoo can replace two plastic bottles of liquid shampoo?

Sapunoteka solid hair shampoos made from biodegradable and vegan ingredients are available for every hair type.

No hair conditioner is required.


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Shampoo for normal hair

Solid shampoo for normal hair will leave your hair clean and well-groomed. 

  • Oatmeal removes excess fat without drying out and has a beneficial effect on the scalp. 
  • Macadamia oil and cocoa butter additionally nourish and give the hair shine. 
  • Essential oils lavender, tea tree and grapefruit, provide a fresh, clean scent for a clean and healthy scalp.

Shampoo for oily hair

Solid shampoo for oily hair is effective and gentle in removing excess oil and greasiness. 

  • Green clay effectively binds excess oil to itself while at the same time soothing and cleansing the scalp. 
  • Castor oil ensures that hair and scalp remain hydrated. 
  • Essential oils of bitter orange and bergamot help regulate sebum secretion.

Shampoo for dry and curly hair

Solid shampoo for dry and curly hair is extremely rich in cold-pressed oils and butter for extra care. 

  • Mango butter will leave your hair soft and smooth. 
  • Avocado oil is naturally rich in vitamins, especially needed in dry and curly hair, revives tired hair. 
  • The essential oils of lavender and cedar give a light, fresh scent.

Shampoo against anti-dandruff

Solid shampoo against dandruff has a mild formula that will not further irritate the scalp. 

  • Neem oil has an antibacterial effect, helps reduce dandruff and strengthens hair. 
  • Nettle is rich in vitamins, tannic acid, enzymes and helps fight dandruff.
  • Antibacterial action of tea tree essential oil and a calming effect of cypress essential oil, with hibiscus extract containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, help maintain healthy hair and scalp without dandruff.

Shampoo for hair volume

Solid shampoo for better volume and hair strengthening contains castor oil, cocoa butter and vitamin B5, which help repair damaged hair.

  • Sea salt improves hair volume with a natural look as if you spent the day on the beach.
  • Maca extract is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can promote hair growth


  • Massage into wet hair, lather.
  • Leave on for a few minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep the solid shampoo bar in a dry place between uses and upright.

Net weight: 60 g

Producer: Sapunoteka

Country of Origin: Croatia